It's hard leading a small church
From the overextended leadership, to the tight budget, to the often slow pace of change, leading a small church is not for the faint of heart. Pastors and leaders spend most of their time pouring into people and preparing for services, which leaves little time or energy for developing systems.
So we're here to help
Spire Group was created as a resource designed specifically for small to mid-size churches. We partner with a church's leadership to strategically develop their worship and communications systems. Then, we equip the leadership to sustain and grow these systems.
Types of Partnerships
Because we work with small churches, we've tailored our partnerships to target the areas small churches need the most help with and often struggle to get going.
Systems are the tools and processes we put in place to enable growth. Everything connects and everything works together toward your kingdom vision.
This is a massive area of development that includes your newsletter, bulletin, social media, website, branding, etc. A collective effort to amp up your communications can make a huge difference.
We coach worship leaders and teams as well as help churches develop their worship ministry through best practices, systems, and training.
We want to help your church choose the right sound board, speakers, lighting, and projection, that will help you grow your worship ministry.
Space creates culture and so how you construct and arrange your space matters. We love helping churches create a space that works with both their goals and their budget.
We provide coaching for leaders and teams who want to take their gifts and talents to the next level
The most common question we get is - "how does it work"? There isn't a model for this kind of thing and small churches are not usually used to working with outsiders, so clarity is important. Here's how it works:
We start with the Assessment Phase. This is where we meet, discuss, and unpack your ministry context. Here we learn about your church and how to proceed with your unique culture in mind. This process results in the development of a strategic pathway. Your strategic pathway is the launching point for our partnership together. It defines our project timeline, process, cost, and projected outcomes.
This is the fun part. Here we collaborate with your team through occasional site visits, Slack & Zoom conferences, and project management, in order to accomplish all the goals detailed in your strategic pathway.
Everything we build together will be designed for your staff/volunteers to maintain and grow. That's why as we help build your systems, we simultaneously equip your leaders to maintain and grow these systems once we're done. To put it simply, our ultimate goal is to teach your leaders to fish.

Our Values

Spire was created to help small churches pursue big vision. So our hope is that our services are never used to simply make things work/look better, but that we help churches thrive on mission.
We value the pursuit of innovation and the way we do that is by helping churches think outside the box. Let’s forget about “the way it’s always been done” and start imagining “how it could be done”.
An essential element of everything we create together is practicality. The things we create must speak to a clear purpose or need in the church and it mustn’t require a technical degree to operate.
The Team
Spire Group is made up of Catalysts who specialize in the areas of worship, communications, pastoral ministry, graphic design, web development, and more! Learn more about our team below!
Josh was a creative arts pastor before founding Spire Group. He is passionate about seeing small churches thrive by providing practical, accessible, and inspirational resources. Josh is ordained in the Reformed Church in America and lives with his family on the Central Coast of California.
Carolyn served as a missionary for seven years, working in rural relief and development, leading discipleship schools, and overseeing ministry operations. She loves helping communities strategically engage with the needs around them through effective communication and teamwork.
Lauren has led and developed youth ministry programs and studies utilizing effective communication within the church context. She specializes in leadership communication and the use of social media as a missional and practical approach to enhancing the church.
Chad was a church planter and missionary for 10 years both in Eastern Europe and the Central Valley of California. During that time, he learned how to connect people with their community via websites and mobile apps. Chad has since founded DevSLO and partnered with businesses and churches across the country.
At Trinity Church, we are high on theology and relationships, but low on structures and systems. The Spire Group was exactly what we needed at a key time of transition. Josh and his team diagnosed problems we didn’t even know we had and brought a unique set of skills and tools to bear that helped us move forward with confidence and newfound clarity.
Jon Medlock
Pastor, Trinity SLO
Josh takes initiative in solving problems and quickly adapts to tweak solutions to meet the need. He appreciates and understands a wide diversity of church styles.
Jay Marshall
Lead Pastor, Valley Christian Fellowship
We have been incredibly blessed with the comprehensive and insightful leadership of the Spire team. They have a broad skill set that will benefit your organization, but what sets them apart is their warm-hearted, personal understanding of how they bring that to life in each particular context.
Daniel Teerman
Lead Pastor, Tulare Community Church
We were ingrown, routinized and organizationally dysfunctional. Thanks to the Lord for sending Josh Wierenga and his team alongside for one year with his administrative wisdom, warm humble style, and exceptional work ethic, Oak Hills Church is now a small yet growing Church with functioning systems, new ministry leaders, and a strong outreach invaluable ministry to Pastors and their Churches."
Roy Pope
Lead Pastor, Oak Hills Church
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